Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lion King on Stage

Carter and I joined my father, mother, grandmother, brother, sister and brother-in-law at the Kennedy Center to see The Lion King. This was Carter's first theater experience and what a good way to start. The Lion King has to be one of the most amazing performances ever on stage. The way the stage changed for the scenes and the costumes were indescribable. The first scene almost had me in tears it was so magnificent. The way the animals were brought to life in costume and the singing brought goose bumps throughout the entire show. We have the privilege of being in the President's box. In there we have our own sitting room, fully stocked fridge and private bathroom! Carter thought that treats were wonderful. He tried all of the M&Ms and Jelly Bellys. He loved the show. He was mumbling to himself "This is pretty good." It was fun to watch him grin from ear to ear as new animals came on to the stage. It will be a day he will never forget and is already asking when he can go again.


Beth Demorest said...

love your hair! it looks great that link. what a fun experience and a great date with mom!

Beth Demorest said...

i meant to say length not link... must be those pregnant hormones. =)

Bonita said...

Good words.