Monday, June 9, 2008

The simple life

We are vacationing at Topsail Island. The first day out, Carter and Luke spent hours upon hours at the beach. The only things they needed was a shovel and pail, lots of waves and sand. It was so simple. We packed tons of beach toys and they only played with a few things. Luke talked to people passing by, declaring "We're at the beach!" Luke found fun in being upside down and letting the waves get him in the face. Carter collected many sea shells and was determined to catch a sand crab but the crab was too fast. Both the boys run back and forth from the beach to the water; water to the beach. Apparently this is amazing fun. We don't mind all of the running, they were entertained and it means better naps. Brayden loved the sound of the ocean and slept the majority of the morning. Soon we will be putting his feet in the sand and water to see what he thinks.

The simple life at the beach.

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