Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tornado in Waterford?

Yesterday afternoon, the forecast was for thunderstorms but as time went on, the storms got stronger and stronger. I was looking outside, every was so still. Jeremy called to check on us and see if the storm was near the house. I assured him that things looked fine. Just moments after hanging up, the sky turned black and the wind was so loud, I could barely here anything. Massive amounts of rain came pounding down and the wind was whipping. I grabbed the boys and headed for the basement (thinking we may see the wicked witch of the west fly by).

The strong winds passed and we eventually came upstairs. Trees down every where, some pulled right out of the ground. Jeremy came home to find trees crushed our new fence in several places. The boys trampoline was smashed by a large tree. Our front porch furniture was on the front lawn. The deck furniture was all turned over and blown up against the railing. Amazingly, nothing hit the house or the barn. For what we can see, the neighbors houses are fine too. The other fun thing is that it was trash day and the recycle truck had not come yet. The lawns are covered with newspapers and trash (probably the biggest task to clean up). We have no power but we have the trusty generator. I have an extension cord running to the computer so I have contact with the outside world.

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