Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Magical Park

To celebrate the last days of summer, the boys and I joined Aunt Shelley, Anna, Holland, Austin and Brooklyn at a park. The Clemyhontri Park in McLean, VA. This is not just any park. It is one of the largest parks that I have been to; it borders on being an amusement park. The park is completely magical; assortments of things to climb, swing and even a maze to walk through. The place was designed to be handicap accessible, so Brayden was in all of the action. The icing on the cake is a carousel that is in the middle of the park and we could wheel Brayden right on it with his KidKart. Could you ask for more? We will definitely be going back to this place.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lucketts Fair

This past weekend we headed over the hill to the Lucketts Fair. The boys go for the horse/pony rides and sweet treats. The fair has several activities for the children, music, lots of food and antique or craft stands. Jeremy found a sign painted on old barn wood that he purchased for the house.
Carter and Luke had face painting but we learned a long time ago that face painting worked better when painted on the arm or hand. That way they can enjoy it!

Then they headed for a ride on the horses. They wanted to go again but we were not up for waiting in line.

We dined on hot dogs, cheese fries, lemonade and snow cones. A well balanced meal. Then Luke spotted the dunk tank. He was determined to throw the balls despite that fact that he was too little. Carter gave it a try and then Luke followed. Both were bummed that they did not send the man into the water.

How Brayden started the day and how Brayden ended the day.

My boys

I love all my boys.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Restful time at the Lake

We returned from our trip to Lake Anna, in VA. It was a big family vacation in a house filled with Jenkins: Grandma & Papa Jenkins, Uncle Jon, Aunt Shelley, Anna, Holland, Austin & Brooklyn, Aunt Heather & Uncle Brian and our crew.
It was non stop action.
There was a selection of activities (no relaxing on the boat):

Perhaps some time on the wave runner.
Jeremy & Luke; Carrie & Carter

Or tubing
Jeremy, Carter & Luke; Jonathan, Austin & Brooklyn
Or watersking
Jeremy; Anna giving it a really good try each day

Or playing on the shore
Anna & Carter; Luke & Brooklyn
Or exploring
Jeremy & Carter; Holland & Carter looking for the animals in the trees
Or fishing
Luke; Carter
Anna & Holland; Austin
Or playing football/wrestling
Carter and Papa; Luke
Jonathan, Brian, Jeremy & Papa; Anna, Carter, Luke & Papa
You cannot forget the snack and nap time.
Luke; Brayden, who didn't mind the life vest at all.
Carter and Luke had a wonderful time. Thankfully Brayden enjoyed the boat and the weather was not too hot for him.
Papa & Brayden

The boys enjoyed the lake and want to know when we will be going again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

VBS anyone?

Carter and Luke finished their Northern Virginia tour of Vacation Bible Schools. They have really enjoyed each VBS this summer, making new friends, learning new songs, crafts, etc.

This past week they attended VBS at Purcellville Baptist Church, where they both went to preschool. Carter enjoyed seeing his preschool friends again. On Sunday, the church service was all about VBS and the children got to take the stage. Of course the big highlight was after the service when the church had a picnic complete with moon bounces, snow cones and face painting. Here are Carter and Luke in action. They will gladly sing this song for you.
J - J - you got your J, you got your J
E -E - you got your E, you got your E
S - S - you got your S, you got your S
U - U - you got your U, you got your U
S - S - you got your S, you got your S
What's it spell? Jesus!
What's it spell? Jesus!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We received the official White House photos from our visit to the West Wing. If you remember the story of the day. Or click here for the refresher, The White House Mess.

Pictures of Jeremy, Brayden with the President. My brother shaking the President's hand and his official photo with signature. A photo of all of us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A visit

The Demorest family came for a visit from Indiana. We have known them since college. Jeremy played football with Pete Demorest at Taylor University (the good 'ol days). They were in the area for several days and stayed over so we could catch up and the kids could play.

The little boys, Gabe and Luke, were doing this. They would run up to each other and do this. We still have no idea what they were doing but they found it funny.

Carter and Kailey seem to be in deep discussion, probably about what in the world their brothers are doing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fair Fun

It was time for the Loudoun County fair. The big highlight for the week is the rodeo. Luke's favorite thing. I am not kidding when I say that one of the few things he will actually watch on TV is bull riding. He loves it. Jeremy, Carter and Luke joined the Coleman boys for an evening at the fair and some time with cousins.

Of course you cannot go to the fair with out going on the rides and having some sweet treats.