Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in the Village

Another great Halloween in the Waterford Village.  Houses decorated beyond your imagination, lots of friends, fun and lots of candy.  Halloween with the Blizzards.
This year's books
K - Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No, Good, Very Bad Day
1st - Big Chicken
2nd - Amelia Bedelia
3rd - Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing
4th - Wayside School
5th - Frindle

A stop at Carter's 5th grade house to see Frindle.
And a house fully decorated for the Lorax, a haunted house (Luke was not a fan and ran out with just one step in), lots of lights and even a little rain.
The Luke's 3rd grade spot for the Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing.
And we headed home for the major task of sorting and trading of the candy.

Halloween Treat before the Treats

A quick stop at our wonderful friends, the Olivers.  For some treats with friends before the trick or treating!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dress up - one of the many reasons I love Waterford

For what is becoming a new tradition in our neighborhood...
Load up the wagons, trailers, ATVs and cars for some Halloween fun.

We live in a neighborhood with long driveways and lots of land...too much to actually walk from house to house for trick or treating (and on actual Halloween we all go to the Village of Waterford where is houses are decorated and it is our own Sleepy Hallow).
 A weekend around Halloween, our neighborhood gathers together for some fun.  Trick or treating around the neighborhood and then a bonfire/party.  Times with friends, lots of candy and fun.
Such precious memories.

Football winding down and up

In a strange turn of events.  Luke's team (the #1 Huskies) lost in the semi-finals for the playoffs.  And Carter's team (one of the bottom teams for the season) won and are in the finals!

Luke had a good first season in c-league, with only two losses and a few touchdowns scored on them.  With Jeremy as the head coach, leading the defense.  And Jeremy's brother, assistant coaching, leading the offense.
Carter's team is headed to the finals.  Saturday, Nov 2 12:00 at Fireman's Field.  It will be exciting.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Allstar night

The boys have been participating in basketball drop-ins with their travel program.  The drop-in was 3rd - 6th graders (there is a huge difference with size and skill from 3rd to 6th grade). 

After weeks of drop-ins (and yes we are doing this the same time as football...) all star teams were selected.

Carter was on one team, Luke on the other.  Carter played well and Luke kept up with the big boys.
During the last couple of minutes there was some brother v brother action.  Can you see how excited Luke was to go against his brother?!
The teams...thrilled for pictures (and some of Luke's team disappeared).

Saturday, October 19, 2013

to Summers Farm for Fall Fun

After Saturday football, the Johnson clan headed to Summers Farm in MD.  We never been to this Farm so this was a new adventure.  A bit of gloomy weather and a little drizzle of rain (thankfully we left just before the big rain came) but did not stop us from serious fun.
The pillow bounce thing.
The pig race, the kids loved it (and maybe want little piggies now).
And of course lots of fun.
Carter and Luke were not going to let us miss the corn maze.  They had to find six markers and color them on their guide.
My brother was not going to let us miss the apple blaster.  Shoot apples at the targets.
More fun.

See my niece's cute little face peaking around the corner!
And the slides.  You almost hear their laughter through the pictures!
And we could not leave with having fun on the hay bales.
Serious Fall Fun (and then the boys got to have a sleep over at their cousins' house).