Monday, June 23, 2008

Our day at the White House

Jeremy, Brayden and I went to the West Wing of the White House today. There we dined in the White House Mess with my parents, brother and sister. The dining room is a very small room with beautiful tables. Anything that can have a Presidential Seal on it, does; the menus, salt and pepper shakers, sugar packets, the dinner plates, which are Lenox China and even the butter is molded in the shape of the seal. There are fresh flowers on all of the tables. The food was delicious.

We used the restroom in the West Wing, elevator and more! Major excitement. I had to pause for a moment and take it in, passing important people in the West Wing i.e. the VP's Chief of Staff and members of the Presidential Cabinet. Even the halls of the West Wing are interesting. Every wall has a recent picture of the President and/or Vice President.

After our lunch in White House Mess we headed upstairs for a photo opportunity with President Bush. It is a very surreal experience and surreal to see my father amongst this group of people.
For the real story of the day you have to check out my blog.

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Andy said...

That is so cool! Micah will be jealous! :o)