Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun with Fireworks

Our 4th of July celebration was an evening at home with friends, the Drakopoulus family. We have known each other long before kids and over the years been able to get together despite us moving further and further out. Carter thinks Emily, their oldest, is cool for a girl. Jeremy and their son Peter, who has down syndrome, have a special bond and even went for an ATV ride in the rain, upon Peter's request. Luke and the littlest Drakopoulus, Jake, did their best to keep up with the big kids. We love to get together with them.

We had our own fireworks display and it was a huge hit with the kids. Brayden slept in his bed during most of the chaos (it must be nice to be able to sleep so soundly).

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Beth Demorest said...

Hey there,
I just realized that I can link straight to your blog. I love it...cause now we can stay caught up on life..even if our phone conversations are few and far between. Love the pictures of the kids, they are getting so big.