Sunday, June 22, 2008

Acting like Animals

Carter and Luke joined some friends for a birthday celebration. Everyone trekked up to the Catoctin Zoo in MD. Carter loves animals and knows more about animals than most adults do so he was thrilled to be invited. The boys rode a camel and went on a jungle safari ride. The camel ride was a blast. I did not join the boys on the safari ride because Brayden could not fit with his KidKart. Five boys and one mom went on the safari trip. More than twenty people loaded on to a special big truck. The park distributes popcorn and bread for everyone to feed the animals during the safari ride. One ostrich got desperate and bite Luke's hand. He only has a few scratches but he will gladly tell you his harrowing tale when he came face to face with the big ostrich. It was a very memorable day for everyone.

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