Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brayden and the Sweet Potato

Last night we dined at a steak house. It was quite a treat. Carter and Luke ordered up some fruit smoothies. Jeremy and I ordered a big 'ol steak. Brayden was feeling left out and started to fuss. His tube feed was not satisfying enough. Jeremy tried to help him out by giving him a little taste of sweet potatoes. He sucked it right off of Jeremy's finger. Jeremy gave him a little more and then a little more. He ate it right off Jeremy's finger. Before long, Brayden had eaten about half the sweet potato. He came face to face with a big potato and he won! Of course his new shirt is covered in sweet potato. There are little bits of potatoes all over his face! He completed his meal with a taste of ice cream. Mmmm. He was so stuffed he could barely move. He looked stuffed (thus the picture).

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Tim & Andrea said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Brayden has good taste in food choices...mmmmmm sweet potatoes!