Sunday, September 19, 2010

We love parties

It was time for the boy's cousin to celebrate his a bounce house. Carter and Luke bounced and bounced. Brayden enjoyed the bubbles and a ball.

Canada and birds

Jeremy, his dad and two more guys boarded a plane for Canada to hunt for geese and ducks. Beautiful days lead to nice hunts...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time for sports

Friday night Football

Huskies first (Jeremy coaches, Luke plays flag football)

Luke ran 45 yards for a touchdown. He turned on the jets when he realized a touchdown was in sight. I was excited, that I actually forgot to take a picture (did not know that was possible).

Ravens (Carter plays tackle football)

Carter's first tackle game. He played quarterback for several plays. (and I need to learn how to use my new camera for sports under the lights, any tips?)

Saturday Soccer

Carter and Luke play, Jeremy coaches
Carter played amazing defense. The opposing team made it down the field only a few times the entire game. Luke is getting right in there and clearing the ball.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big week for Luke

Luke checked out his first library book at school.

He was so thrilled. He could not get off the bus fast enough to tell me about his book. He ran in the house, plopped down at the kitchen table and read his book.

Then he lost his 2nd tooth.

He sounded out the words, determined to write the note himself. The picture is of the tof fary holding his tof while he slept in bed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Lights

Luke had his very first football game.

Flag Football. On a Friday night. Under the lights.

He calls it Friday Lights game.

He was thrilled, Jeremy was coaching. They won (even though we are not keeping score). Everyone had a blast.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten

The big day was a hit.

First pictures. Then Brayden's bus arrives at the house. Drive Carter down to the bus stop. He was pumped for the first day of school. Got on the bus and off he went to start 2nd grade.

A few hours later, it was finally Luke's turn. He wanted to walk to the bus.

He was thrilled for his time. He was ready for it. Walked right on the bus. Luke told me that he really liked Mr. Larry, the bus driver and he sat next to one of his little friends.

I hopped in a friend's car and we drove to the school and watched them arrive and walk into their class. Luke was so confident and not a bit of nerves.

Jeremy and I tried to many things to make the big day special. The night before, prayers for the first day of school and the upcoming school year.

Jeremy left them notes to read at breakfast. I packed a note and a treat in Carter's lunch box. I give Luke a note to put in his pocket (he could hold it in case him got nervous to know that we were thinking and praying for him).

After school, we had friends over for snow cones. Then we sat around the table and talked about the first day.
Carter really likes his teacher and is ready to get it work.

Luke said the whole day was his favorite thing. Then asked if he could go everyday.

Friday, September 3, 2010

School Orientation

Luke is starting kindergarten.

I cannot put into words how excited this boy is for school to start. Today was the kindergarten orientation. He walked in with confidence and ready for it all (too cool to look at mommy and smile). Luke even decided he needed to introduce himself to the new principal.

He decided to wear his name tag for most of the day so people would know he had his kindergarten orientation.


We went to Luke's kindergarten orientation at Waterford, Brayden's Open House in Leesburg, and back to Waterford for Carter's Open House. He is starting 2nd grade and already likes his teacher. She was just across the hall from his 1st grade class. Carter was not nervous. He gathered with his friends and wandered the room and halls.

He came home with his first assignment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


One last hurrah for summer so we headed to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

We wandered the aquarium,

watched the 4-D show and the dolphin show. Carter was determined to sit in the splash zone (but he did not get wet).

Luke was thrilled to have his own map and a little pen he bought at the aquarium shop. He carried them all day long and never let go.

And we attempted a family picture (can't you tell everyone was thrilled).

Then we headed to Hard Rock for lunch.