Monday, February 18, 2013

To Bull Run

Carter has a new found interest in history (due to a wonderful 4th grade teacher).  He reads books and watches movies all about American history.  The great thing about living in Virginia is that it is rich with history, just about every place in the area has some great story.

We headed to Manassas to visit the battlefield and visitor center.  The night before we found a Junior Ranger packet for the battlefield (great to get some of history and understanding of what they were going to see).  We watched a movie at the center, walked through the museum (the boys had a scavenger hunt to complete in the packet) and then headed outside.
At this battlefield the South won twice.  The first battle at Manassas was one of the first battles of the Civil War.
And Stonewall Jackson.  Reading the monuments for clues and answering questions.
The Henry House.
They completed their Junior Ranger packets, talked with a Ranger (who actually read their packets to make sure they completed it with correct answers!) and then were given Ranger badges.
Of course we had to finish off the day with food.  Make your own pizzas at a nearby restaurant.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Fun

Started the day with heart shaped donuts and treats.  Then off to school for some festivities.

Carter's grade had a Valentine box competition.  He won, the Most Electric (lights that we use to decorate Brayden's wheelchair).  He wanted lights on his box and thankfully we had lights.  Luke was not happy with just taking a bag to collect his cards so he insisted that he make a box as well...with lights.
Then the making of the Valentine's, I found some ideas online and the boys made them.  Pretty fun.

And course Brayden was in on the festivities!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wrestle Mania

Well sort of...lots of wrestling tournaments and Luke has been doing great, putting together the moves (at least that is what I am told, I haven't quite figured out the moves and scoring yet).
I do know his favorite move is the cradle.  He even had a coach from another team come up and compliment him on his cradle.  It has gotten him lots of pins.
The winner and handing in the score sheet (only the winners get to hand in the sheet).