Thursday, June 19, 2008

Open for Business

Today during what I thought was supposed to be quiet time (Carter reads books in his room, Luke & Brayden sleep), Carter came running to find me. He declared that his store was open. There was excitement all over his face. I followed him to his room. He went to great detail explaining each section of his store. He set up different areas where you could find what you needed: books, stuffed animals, games, puzzles, pillows, toys... He gathered all of the items in his room and closet and made a neat little sections. He set up a large pillow that was his desk. There he set up his cash register, which is a little cash register bank, a box to hold big money (a.k.a dollar bills) and change for his customers. He was so excited to have customers. He wanted to wake his brothers to come to his store. I purchased a koala stuffed animal. I just love his imagination!

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