Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hessian History

Who or what is a Hessian?  You can ask just about any child that has gone through 4th grade at Waterford.  Both Carter and Luke have fallen in love with history because of their 4th grade teacher so we look for things to do that involve our local history.

A little theater in Frederick (check it out, they have great shows) debuted a production called A Revolutionary Christmas.  "A story of a family living on a German farm in Frederick during the Revolutionary War. When they end up taking an escaped Hessian soldier captive, the soldier helps them rediscover love, hope, forgiveness, and the meaning of Christmas."
A nice night out with Carter and Luke in downtown Frederick.

The next day in Waterford was a reenactment of a Hessian Encampment.  So the boys and I went to check it out.  Talked with the soldiers and were invited to join them as drummer boys when they do other reenactments (Carter and Luke declined).
Since it was such a warm December day, we wandered through a trail and the old Waterford Mill.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2015

In Maryland for Christmas with the Johnsons.
The kids worked on and off for most of the day on their Christmas show.  They wrote a script, rehearsed it and set up the room.  It was such a treat!  And they loved every second of it.

All of the Christmas fun.
 Luke and his Great-Uncle Sonny
Grammy (Brayden's Great-grandmother and his Great-Uncle Sonny)
 And more from their show.  First was Silent Night...sleep in heavenly peace, thus the boys sleeping on the floor.
 And Luke as the shepherd riding his way to see the baby Jesus.
 The audience.
 With Great-Grandpa Johnson

Christmas Morning 2015

Woke early to get all of the Christmas treats ready and start on the breakfast.

Reading the Christmas story.
Opening gifts.  Two big gifts this year, waders for all the boys.  And a video game system...Jeremy and I are not huge fans of video games so we had to...hide the box, it was a box wrapped inside another box, inside another one and another one, then the box was empty.  All of find the video game system set up in the basement.

Brayden was not feeling the Christmas spirit after his Christmas Eve.  So we tried to bring Christmas to him.  He still wanted to sleep a bit more but he did open his eyes a little...
Realized I left my camera at the Jenkins the night before but Jeremy's dad rescued my Christmas (knowing how important taking pictures is to me) and drove over the camera.  But our morning was snapshots on the phones.