Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes, we are getting a dog

When we decided to move to Waterford, we knew that getting a dog was in the near future. The boys, Jeremy included, have been patiently waiting the time to get a dog.

Jeremy and I both grew up with dogs (my family had the little dogs, Jeremy's had the big dogs). While I thought it might be humorous to get a miniature poodle just to have Jeremy walk it...the picture of that would just be too funny...we decided on a Lab.

Last weekend we went to the eastern shore of Maryland to visit the dog breeder and see all the puppies. All of those little puppies could melt any one's heart!

We will be getting a black Lab. A girl...I must have a girl, no more boys in this house. She will be named Gander (can you tell that I did not pick out the name, the boys did). She will be joining our family in a couple of weeks.

Pictures of Gander and one with her mommy.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The National Aquarium in Baltimore was the adventure for the day.
We loaded the car and headed for the inner harbor of Baltimore. The boys were thrilled to be there (not so much Brayden but Carter and Luke).
We wandered the aquarium...

Finding all sorts of fun things. Luke found the sea enemies (as he like to call the sea anemone), Carter with the scuba lady, and Brayden with the turtles.

We watched a 4-D show. A show in 3-D, shooting water and air in your face, things poking in the back of the seat, bubbles and more. We could not leave without seeing the dolphin show. Carter and Luke loved it. Brayden wore himself out by crying most of the morning and slept through the dolphin show.After the fun at the aquarium, we were all famished. And walked over to a restaurant in the inner harbor.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Falling Up

Luke had a run in with the stairs.

Luke was loading into the car when he realized that he forgot his backpack for preschool. He dashed into the house but before making it, he slipped on the garage stairs. The result: his nose and the edge of the wooden stair making contact.

The bleeding did not stop and it started to swell.

Instead of preschool, Luke went to the ER. He was extremely brave and spoke up when the doctors and nurses asked him questions. The doctor decided on some glue, steri strips and a band aid to cover it all. He face was a bit swollen and bruised.

FYI, this is not the first time Luke fell up the stairs. A couple of years ago he fell going up the stairs and pushed a baby tooth back up in to the gums.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bonding with Geese

Jeremy had some of his college friends, Doug & Franz, out for a visit.

What did they do?

They went hunting. All day long, in the freezing cold. They hunted geese.

They said they had a blast and were successful...lots of geese, quality bonding time and fun.