Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nothing but Wet

We celebrated Great-Grandpa Jenkins birthday with a pool party. Uncle Russ and Aunt Sandy (now the boys favorite place to go) hosted the party at their home. The children were in the pool for the majority of the night. Brayden even joined the party in the pool. The children begrudgingly came out to eat dinner and later some cake. Luke's last words for the night, as he was fighting to stay awake, mumbled, "That was fun."

Pictures of Great-Grandma Jenkins in the hot tub with the children. Grandpa Warren and Great-Grandpa Jenkins with Brayden.

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Tim & Andrea said...

We were heading out of state for a wedding this past weekend and as we were getting into the van, Noah said "OK. Let's go see Carter and Luke." We had to explain (again!) that we were going to Indiana, not to Carter & Luke's house. He was highly disappointed.