Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hair Accessories

I have finally given in to the fact that I live in a boy’s world.
Everything becomes a fort. Daily exercise includes wrestling. Clean boys can get dirty from the house to the car. Toilet seats are up. I have no hair accessories, anything pink, sparkles, or heaven for bid, princess material!
This is what hair accessories are in my house. Yes, it is safety goggles from the tool set. Luke insisted that he wear them all day. Thankfully he forgot to put them back on after getting dressed.
I love that they wake up everyday expecting that it is an adventure made just for them.


Tim & Andrea said...

That is hilarious. And like I said in my post, it must have been something in the air today because that is not the norm here! (especially the good hair day part.) =)

The Guedet Family said...

Carrie, I think the goggles do a great job of keeping Luke's hair out of his face...maybe you could consider using them as well since you don't have anything else.

Blarney said...

Great kids! Can your son teach my daughter to do something with her hair?!
Thanks for visiting the other day & Have a great rest of the week!