Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grandpa's Incredible Edible Eggs

Tonight was a special night for dinner. Jeremy was working late and the boys (with my suggestion) decided to have breakfast for dinner! They thought it was a fantastic idea, they did not need to know it was because I did not feel like fixing much else. Carter and Luke love to help with the cooking. They were ready for this. The extra special treat was that we used the eggs from Grandpa Warren's chickens. That's right, after moving to Purcellville Grandpa Warren and Grandma Ellie are working their way to becoming suburban farmers! A large garden, beautiful barn and the most adorable hen house you have ever seen. All of the kids love to visit the chickens and collect the eggs. We made our breakfast dinner using those special eggs. Boy was it good!

Chicken photo courtesy of Grandma Ellie

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