Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brayden May 18, 2007 email

Hello Everyone,
We do not have really any new information on Brayden. We are still in the process of figuring things out. However, the past several days we have been concerned about seizures. Yesterday, Brayden had an EEG to evaluate the possibilities of seizures. We meet with the neurologist today and still are not clear as to whether he is experiencing seizures or infantile spasms. Either would be treated with medication (infantile spasms are a bit more concerning than seizures). Jeremy and I have to document the times that we see him having a seizure/spasm over the next week. Then Brayden goes in next Friday for another EEG and meeting with the neurologist to determine what we need to do. Also, next week Brayden has a VCUG test to look at his kidneys. There really is not a huge concern about his kidneys but they just want to make sure.
The MRI is still scheduled for May 31st and the follow-up visit to understand the findings is June 6th.
Please pray that the doctors get a good reading from these tests and can determine the best things to do for him right now. And that Brayden, Jeremy and I can keep up the pace that we need to make it to all of these doctor’s visits over the next few weeks. Brayden is doing pretty well with all of these people poking at his all of time (doctors and brothers) but after a long day of doctor visits he is a bit grouchy and I am too!
Brayden is still doing well otherwise. His sleeping and eating is great. He is busy trying to watch is older brothers.

Again, thank you to everyone for their continued prayers for our family.

Carrie Jenkins

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