Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brayden July 18, 2007 email

Lets start with some answered prayers…
Brayden is now 3 months old. Two days ago we finally got him to really smile! The boys and I were playing with him and he actually smiled a few times. He has not done it since but at least he finally smiled a real smile. Once we can capture it on film, we will pass along the picture. There is nothing better than seeing your child smile!
Brayden has been on seizure medication for about three weeks. It has stopped the seizures! In the past week, we have only seen about 2 very, very small seizures. The side effect is that he is extremely lethargic and sleeping about 18-20 hours a day, at three months he should have a lot more awake time. After talking with the neurologist we are going to decrease the dose to hopefully get him more alert and still stop the seizures.

We have recently been meeting with Loudoun County Early Intervention Program. Last week a program coordinator and occupational therapist did an assessment to evaluate Brayden’s development. Today we meet with them to review the assessment and plan for the next steps. Their assessment basically puts him at newborn-1 month developmentally. They look at cognitive, expressive communication, receptive communication, gross motor, fine motor, social/emotional and adaptive skills. Since he is already showing signs of delay, he will be starting occupational therapy. He will have the occupational therapist come work with him once a week, for a while.

We are going to have Brayden’s vision tested. He is not making eye contact but for a very brief moment. He is also not tracking and turning to see things. This could be neurological but the neurologist suggested we go ahead and see an ophthalmologist.

He continues to grow and is doing really well. We just pray that as we get into the swing of things that we can provide him the help that best suits his needs. Carter and Luke are in on the action, they try every day to get Brayden to smile for them. We are smothering him with love.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Carrie Jenkins

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