Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brayden June 20, 2007

Hello All,
Brayden is 2 months old. Today he had his 2 month visit at the pediatrician. He is growing!
The official stats: 11.5 lb. (50%), 23.5 inches long (75%) and his head is 13.5 inches (below 5%). His head is growing slowly, at this point there is not major concern. He is not really making eye contact or focusing on things yet and we have not seen the first real smile. The pediatrician wants Bradyen to be assessed through the county program so that he can get into programs that will assist his development.
He might have reflux. He always has his back arched, which could be a sign of reflux or part of his neurological conditions. We are going to try reflux medication to see if that makes any difference. Other than that he is doing really well. He is sleeping great, only getting up once at night and once early, early morning. He really recognizes the boys voices and whenever Jeremy talks to him, he settles down and seems to really listen.
The MRI is still planned for August 31st. For the summer, Brayden will not have anymore doctor's visits.

Thank you, again and again, for all the prayers. Brayden is definitely doing well and benefiting from all of those that care for him and love him.

Carrie Jenkins

These are some pictures of our family last night. We had the opportunity to visit the White House for a picnic with my parents. Definitely my favorite event to attend. The theme this year was New Orleans, thus the beads that everyone was wearing. President Bush held Brayden, only for a second but long enough to get a picture.

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