Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brayden June 1, 2007 email

Hello All,
Brayden did not have his MRI yesterday. We went to Children's Hospital in Washington, DC and waited for his turn. We took him back to get ready with the anesthesiologist. She and the nurse were puzzled as to why he was scheduled for this at such a young age since he is not considered to be emergency. He is so young that he would need to stay at the hospital overnight so that he could be monitored after the anesthesia. We did not know that or prepare for that. All of this would need to be cleared through insurance, which it was not. Brayden could come back for the MRI when he is over 4 months old, then he would not need to stay overnight. We scheduled the MRI for the end of August but waiting to hear from his neurologist to see if he should go in earlier or just plan for it to be in August.
Thank you to everyone that was praying yesterday. For some reason, the Lord did not plan for Brayden to have his MRI yesterday (never our plan, always His). We will let you know more, when we know more.


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