Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brayden May 26, 2007 email

Hello Everyone,
Brayden had another EEG yesterday and we meet with his neurologist. It looks like Brayden is not having seizures or spasms. The movements and jerking that we have been seeing appears to be sleep related and he will grow out of it in a few months. Which means that he does not need medication. We still need to watch him and make sure things still seem to remain the same and get better. The doctor has seen both of his EEGs and some video that we made at home of him during some of this movements. She seemed sure that it was all sleep related and nothing to be concerned about. We are quite excited about this answer to prayer!
Brayden also had a VCUG this week to look at his kidneys and all looks good there too. He will be checked again in a couple of months.

A week of good news for our little one. He continues to do well. The neurologist was encouraged by the fact that he gets frustrated with people picking at him and is having normal reactions to his surroundings. The doctor wants Brayden to start making eye contact with us and smile sometime soon, which we would love to see too.

Next week is his MRI at Children's Hospital in DC. The neurologist said that she will call us that evening or the next day to give us a run down of what was found and then we meet with her on June 6th.

Carte and Luke are continued to be spoiled by their grandmothers. Some how Carter persuades Grandma Ellie to make chocolate chip cookies every time his comes over, which we all like because we get to eat the delicious treats!

Have a great weekend, we know we will after a week of good news and answers to prayer!

Carrie Jenkins

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