Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthday at the Kennedy Center

A birthday night out with my boys (unfortunately minus Brayden since getting around DC and the theater is not best suited for him in the evening).
Dinner at the Hamilton then to the Kennedy Center to see Lion King.  Carter and I had seen Lion King several years ago, the opening scene of the show is absolutely amazing (probably the best I have seen and I have seen too many shows).  The Lion King was in town for the summer so Jeremy treated me for my birthday (musical theater is only my thing and I take them along).

What started off as a nice evening took a little side detour of chaos...the drive into DC, on the weekend, is usually not a problem...well this night it was a huge problem, Route 66 was shut down because of a bit of a car chase, crash, broken down ambulance, helicopters, lots of police...and we were in an area that was no where near an exit.  It was a 2 hr 15 min drive to finally cross over the river to DC, we called the restaurant 3 times to change the reservation.

With only 45 minutes to be in the restaurant (order, eat, pay), we were not sure how close to the show start time we would be.  The restaurant was amazing, helped us get our meal incredibly quickly, even dessert, and pay the check.  We were in and out (not quite the relaxing meal but still delicious). 
For the restaurant, we parked at my favorite spot, the Willard (thankfully right next to the restaurant), a big tip and they left our car right outside so we could get going fast.
Then we headed over to the Kennedy Center for the show.  Great seats.
Such a great night.

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