Saturday, June 21, 2014

Old School Basketball Camp

Headed a couple of hours away for Carter and Luke's first overnight sports camp (they have done overnight church camp before).  Time for Hawes Old School Basketball Camp, staying on the campus of a school...the boys were ready for the dorm life and ready for tons of basketball.

We checked out the facility and off they went for Wed-Sat basketball camp from early in the morning till late at night.
It was hotter than hot while they were there and tense a field house with no AC and only some fans.  During a quick water break, there was always time to stand in front of the giant fan for some relief.

They had a great time at the camp. 

Carter's team made it to the camp finals so he received a medal.  Luke was the youngest in the camp.  The camp is for Carter's age and older (middle-high school) so Luke was 2 years younger than the youngest players there.  Of course he had no problem.
Carter, the more responsible one, tried to get enough sleep and make sure they got up in enough time every morning (even before the counselor would come around to wake them) because he knows Luke can take longer when tired.  Luke on the other hand was enjoying every moment of camp...even hosting a party in their room the last night, ordering pizza and all.

All that fun and he was done...holding on to his new camp basketball.

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