Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Awards for Carter (and Luke)

The 5th grade Farewell and Award Ceremony.  

It is hard to believe Carter is heading to middle school.  They all looked so big coming into the room.  Most of this class, Carter has grown up with and spent many hours at school, playing, sports, afterschool, etc.  They feel like an extension of our family.

Time for awards and Carter received two!  A community award for Social Studies and Presidential Academic Excellence Award...plaque, pins and all.
He was so surprised and excited and so was I (Jeremy was away for work so I was furiously texting him the news and video).
And this great group of boys (some missing from the pic)...oh the fun.

And don't worry Luke was not to be left out...he and his girl counterpart showed everyone their new school records this year for Pacer Test and Push-ups.  These two have grown up together and still get along so well. 
Later in the week, Luke received the PE award (he could not have been happier).

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