Thursday, June 5, 2014

Best of Both Worlds

Time for the 5th grade play...or should I say production.  This was more like a high school production, just with smaller people.  Months and hours of practices after school.  All the lights, mics, stage and props.  Three performances.  It was the real deal.  And really good.

The play, Best of Both Worlds.  Carter's character, Irving (with lots of lines, solo parts and dancing).

The Wall of Fame, professional photos and bios.
 Backstage (classroom) getting ready.  Wardrobe, makeup and microphone packs.
 Then on the stage.  It was magical, the kids did amazing.
Carter was a bully gone good.  He was poisoned but recovered.
And Luke's third grade (4th too) was there to sing some of the songs during the play.

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