Saturday, October 19, 2013

to Summers Farm for Fall Fun

After Saturday football, the Johnson clan headed to Summers Farm in MD.  We never been to this Farm so this was a new adventure.  A bit of gloomy weather and a little drizzle of rain (thankfully we left just before the big rain came) but did not stop us from serious fun.
The pillow bounce thing.
The pig race, the kids loved it (and maybe want little piggies now).
And of course lots of fun.
Carter and Luke were not going to let us miss the corn maze.  They had to find six markers and color them on their guide.
My brother was not going to let us miss the apple blaster.  Shoot apples at the targets.
More fun.

See my niece's cute little face peaking around the corner!
And the slides.  You almost hear their laughter through the pictures!
And we could not leave with having fun on the hay bales.
Serious Fall Fun (and then the boys got to have a sleep over at their cousins' house).

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