Thursday, October 17, 2013

Football 2013 season

Carter and Luke have finished their football season.  And the playoffs are next!

For the season, Luke's Huskies, Jeremy as the coach, only lost one game (the one loss was tough)!  And only had 3 touchdowns scored on them all season!  Luke is #9.
Carter's Knights, won 2 games...not their best season but hopefully the playoffs will be great.  Carter has improved so much this season.  Moving up to B league this year means he in one of the younger kids (playing with a lot of middle schoolers...who look so big!).  He has earned his way into some great positions this year, playing 2nd team quarterback and 1st team defense (sorry I have no idea what position he is in, I need to learn all the football terms).  The last couple of games he had a fumble recovery, some great tackles, kick off returns and big runs with the ball.  So exciting to see him comfortable and confident on the field.  Carter is #2.
Makes a mom nervous so see the big kids tackling do they get they get up after being tackled that like?!  Notice he is still holding onto that ball!

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