Thursday, October 10, 2013

Carter turns 11

Carter's birthday.  A day filled with little surprises from the moment he wakes up.  A few presents at breakfast time with a special something to eat (pumpkin donuts...and of course the healthy stuff) and Luke helped me decorate the kitchen.  Then off to school.  Name and birthday gets announced on morning announcements.

Mom brings in a special lunch and treats (only for Carter, school rules we cannot share or bring in things anymore).  He requested Moe's.  All of his friends were so excited and sweet, singing happy birthday and trying to be right next to the birthday boy (seriously, kids have no sense of personal space).

And this is what happens when you give a 5th grader your phone take some pictures.
I have an entirely new respect for 5th grade teachers after having lunch with all those 5th grade boys...

Then after school, a few more presents and treats.
Off to football, where we brought cupcakes and football brownies.  I have never had 5-7th grade boys ran at me like that and see them devour food like that before...

Home for bed with some new pajamas waiting and the Percy Jackson book series.

Things Carter got for his birthday, the things he requested:  Under Armor gear (the cool clothes these days), pumpkin treats, Trader Joes cookie butter, $, Bath and Body works pumpkin soaps and hand sanitizer (my boys love this stuff!), new binoculars for hunting, those Nike Elite socks.  All things that this 11 year boy is in to.

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