Saturday, May 25, 2013

Luke's mole

Luke's mole.  It has been there most of his life.  We have discussed removing it several times with the doctors other the years.  Really no medical reason to remove it, it would only be for cosmetic reasons.  We were told to wait as he got older and when he started to ask about removing it.

Luke entertained the idea of removing it this past fall.  However we could not remove at the time...he did not want to miss football.  Then in the winter, he did not want to miss wrestling.  The spring was the right time to do it.
Heading in to the office, last mole picture.
10 stitches to remove the mole on his chin (as well as some internal).  He handled it all like a champ.
Getting the stitches out hurt a bit more.  Tears welled up in his eyes but no crying, he was being tough.
It is healing so quickly.

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