Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Nate the Musical

Carter and Luke have read several of the Big Nate books...books about a boy who causes trouble (kind of reminds me of little version of Zack Morris a la Saved by the Bell).  Carter and I stumbled upon the Big Nate Musical, while looking up Big Nate books online.  When we realized it was just in Maryland, we decided to go.

The musical was at the Adventure Theater at Glen Echo Park.  The theater was small, perfect for kids.  The Big Nate musical was a wonderful production.  The boys were joined by the cousins.  I had just as much fun watching the kids watch the show, as I did watching the show.  The music and the way they brought the book to life was great.  The kids were laughing out loud and cheering.
Photo from Adventure Theater MTC
After the show, we road the carousel at in Glen Echo Park.  This park is such a little hidden treasure, we are definitely going back this summer.
We could not stay long because the kids all had a sleep over at the farm cabin with their grandparents...lots of fun for these kiddos for the chilly Memorial weekend.

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snazal said...

big nate collection is one of the best children's comic ever..