Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We take miniature golf very seriously

Carter and Luke discovered last year that Myrtle Beach is quite the mecca for miniature golf courses.  Weeks before our trip, they were making plans for miniature golf courses.  Anytime we would drive anywhere in Myrtle Beach, they discussed all of the courses we passed.

Luke knew he wanted to go to Treasure Island.  He completed the book just in time for the beach.
Everyone has a good time...only when they were playing well...everyone is a bit too competitive.  Luke announcing his score very loudly and with his fingers in the air, if it was a good score; no announcement if it was bad.
Carrie did get a hole in one.  As did Luke and Jeremy...but do not mention that to Carter.  Jeremy, Carter and Luke even played in the rain one night.
Brayden and Great-Grandpa were the spectators (sometimes from the car).

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