Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Many other vacation moments

One of the most important decisions while on vacation is...where to go for dinner.  We tried many things:  seafood, Japanese steakhouse, Mexican, Brazilian steakhouse, etc.  All good food and the boys always ate extremely well, needing to refuel after many hours of running around on the beach and playing in the ocean.
We tried a burger place that boasted all kinds of burgers.  Carter selected a smores burger:  a hamburger with marshmallow, nutella and peanut butter...and he liked it (the rest of us were not too sure about it)
The balcony on our condo was a favorite place to hang out.  The boys would watch all of the thing happening at the pool or the beach.
The lazy river was a favorite place for Carter and Luke.  They made many friends and would spend the afternoon going in and out of the lazy river.
Or hang out with Great-Grandpa.
The last night, Carter decided to ride a mechanical bull.  After coaxing Luke to do it, Carter decided to do it instead, while Luke watched.
Luke insisted that he did not want to ride the bull.  We loaded the car to leave and Luke announced that he wanted to ride the bull.  So we hopped out and let him give it a try.
Of course, Carter and Luke had to decided who was a better bull rider...

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