Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hessian History

Who or what is a Hessian?  You can ask just about any child that has gone through 4th grade at Waterford.  Both Carter and Luke have fallen in love with history because of their 4th grade teacher so we look for things to do that involve our local history.

A little theater in Frederick (check it out, they have great shows) debuted a production called A Revolutionary Christmas.  "A story of a family living on a German farm in Frederick during the Revolutionary War. When they end up taking an escaped Hessian soldier captive, the soldier helps them rediscover love, hope, forgiveness, and the meaning of Christmas."
A nice night out with Carter and Luke in downtown Frederick.

The next day in Waterford was a reenactment of a Hessian Encampment.  So the boys and I went to check it out.  Talked with the soldiers and were invited to join them as drummer boys when they do other reenactments (Carter and Luke declined).
Since it was such a warm December day, we wandered through a trail and the old Waterford Mill.

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