Friday, October 3, 2014

There is nothing like the Waterford Fair

Probably one of the most memorable events at Waterford Elementary is the yearly visit to the Waterford Fair.  A little walk down the hill to the fair and the fun starts.  The excitement is evident (even when it rained on us this year).
The kids are intreged by each craft demonstrator, looking for the next and the next, especially those they can participate in.
The fair provides characters that people can interact with.  A HUGE favorite are the clowns.
I was able to chaperone a group of 4th grade boys...just four boys but then they gather.  I believe the picture says it all...
Then come the middle schoolers...a right of passage is they get out of school "because they are Waterford students" to come to the fair.  They come to the fair to hang out with their friends and hit up their favorite spots; which seem to include mostly food stops.  Carter and his Waterford buddies.
The fair is one of the many reasons I love Waterford (except the traffic).  It is such a part of growing up a Waterford kid, such memorable experiences.

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