Sunday, October 26, 2014

Newsboys Concert

For Carter's birthday he received tickets to see the Newsboys in concert.  After watching the movie, God's Not Dead.  I got in a discussion with the boys about the Newsboys, trying to tell them they were a real group and they already knew a lot of their music.  Going actually see them was going to be great (we had the crew download the bands' music before the concert so they would know lots of the songs)!

I loaded up 5 boys and headed to Woodstock, VA.  Not very close to where we live so we packed coolers with subs and lots of snacks.  Loaded in the movie, God's Not Dead (not that they watched it, they were too excited for their first concert).
We finally arrived and it was packed, line wrapped around the building to get in.  Once we found our seats, the boys were ready.  First band was 7eventh Time Down, then out came Family Force 5 (a crazy group but the boys loved it).  A brief break and it was time for the Newsboys.
It was an absolute blast.  The boys were up singing, dancing, laughing and being oh so cool, praising God.  I had just as much fun watching the concert as I did watching them.
Chainsaw with some of the stage guys
We finally made it home around 11:00 p.m., well worth the trip!
 Would you believe that when I was in middle school, my first concert was DC Talk and the Newsboys?!  That is quite a long time ago...

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