Monday, March 24, 2014

Who did they pick?

For the first time, Carter and Luke filled out their own brackets for the NCAA tournament.

Luke very meticulously selected his teams, looking at records, season standings, previous games, etc.  He spent a lot of time.  But still coming down to UVA.
Carter just sat and filled his out.
Then the first night of the tournament, Jeremy and I surprised the boys with a night out for dinner (the only night we didn't have practices) at the Green Turtle that has TVs at the table and on every wall.  The boys brought their brackets and seem to be in competition with each other.

Every morning at breakfast they review the games from the night before (they cannot stay up late enough to see most of them) and compare to their own pick.

It has made watching the tournament this year all the more fun!

And so far the boy's favorite players:  Joe Harris UVA, McDermott from Creighton and the player (who I cannot remember his name) dribbles the ball and does a little shimmy shake before his foul shots (they have reenacted this move many times).

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