Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mom takes them skiing

Yet another day off from school because of the winter weather and extreme cold.  So now that means a ski day for the Jenkins.

Jeremy was at work so it was my turn to take the boys skiing...for the first time by myself and first time at Whitetail since my one visit in college.  The boys had been there so they were thrilled to show me the ropes.  We got family passes and it needed to pick mine up, then put on all the gear and finally head out to ski.
 A great day with the boys.  And I only had a couple of spills of which the boys informed me one of my spills was a yard sale...meaning I fell and skis, poles, etc went all over the "yard".  They skied great and only want more.  My favorite part is sitting on the ski lift with them, just talking and listening, loving to have those sweet conversations.

 Whitetail from Carrie Jenkins on Vimeo.

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