Monday, August 19, 2013

More Civil War

Carter has continued his love of history so it has been our quest to find local things (easy to do things) for us to visit.  I ran into his teacher, whom inspired his love of history, and she told me about the Civil War Medical Museum...right in Frederick.  I grew up in Frederick County and had never been nor even heard of it.

An easy drive from Waterford to downtown Frederick to see the museum.  And it was actually quite interesting and I am surprised at how much Carter really knows about the Civil War and eager to learn more (we did watch some videos online ahead of time about medicine during that war).
Luke was not a huge fan of the creepy fake men, he would not get too close.
Of course my true motivation (of course other than giving my children a valuable educational experience) was to eat in downtown Frederick, so many good restaurants.  We opted for something easy and headed to the Pretzel Creations.
Lunch and dessert.  Luke's dessert choice was questionable but he liked it...stuffed M&M pretzel, with cinnamon sugar topping and nacho cheese dip.  Brayden even had a little taste.

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