Saturday, August 3, 2013

Doe River Gorge

Carter and Luke had a week long adventure at Doe River Gorge Camp.

Nothing but adventure.  Their first overnight camp...and all the way in Tennessee.  They went with some friends and cousins.
The camp was nestled in the beautiful mountains, a great place for many outdoor adventures.  Jeremy and I drove down to help check in the boys and see the camp.  After getting them settled in we said goodbye and started for home (they were not sad to see us homesick issues).
But just before heading home, we had a quick tour of the camp and a ride on the train, to see some of the activities the boys would participate in...tubing, ropes courses, repelling, zipline, etc.

Jeremy's parents were close by and could check on the crew once in a while.  The camp also posted pictures throughout the week.
Carter climbing the rope bridge.
Luke and his cousin Austin climbing the ropes to the tree tops.
Luke going down the slide.
Group pictures, serious and then silly.
 Skit night and Carter's crew were pirates.
Carter was in the picture of the day for Doe River Facebook.

The boys were had an amazing time for he Bible teaching to all of the activities.  Luke loved to zipline into the river.  Carter said he loved every minute of it.

The camp video of their week.

They were exhausted after the week and ready to go back.