Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Sports

First soccer games of the season.
Luke scored 8 goals (and they still lost...bummer).  And he wanted the faux hawk hairdo for his game.
Luke is not afraid to get physical, his "signature" move seems to be a good push to his opponent...
Then Carter's game.  They won, 2-1 and beat an undefeated team.
And we cannot forget the cutest soccer fan.  Brayden came ready with his adidas gear and even little socks patterned like a soccer ball.
The next day was basketball for interesting game.  Carter is on a 4th grade team.  They played a 5th grade team whose shortest boy was taller than our tallest.  Needless to say Carter's team did not walk away with a win but they certainly hustled that game.

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