Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Old Waterford School

Carter and Luke attend Waterford Elementary School.  Being part of the Waterford community has it benefits, the Waterford fair, walking field trips to the little village and in 4th grade it is a day of school back in time.
The 4th graders dress up and spend the day at the old Waterford School as if they were in the 1800s. 
They dress the part.
Act the part.  Carter was Ernest Johnson.  Work was done on the personal chalkboards and memorizing old text.  Classroom rules were from back then (ie stand when you were called on).  The kids even had to pack lunches in a basket and cloth for food they would typically have during that time.
And play the part.  Complete with the recess of hoops and ropes.  
It helps that they also have a wonderful class and teacher.

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