Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Day in Colonial Williamsburg

After a day of rest and a chance for Jeremy to get in town to meet us, we headed to Colonial Williamsburg.  The day was much colder (and terribly windy) than we hoped for so the touring was a bit short.  Still we had a chance to explore many places.
Caught the end of Patrick Henry's speech

We had lunch at Shield's Tavern (after trying other places and realizing we could not get Brayden in).
We walked around checking out the bakery, dress maker, furniture makers, the Capitol and a distant view of the Governor's place.
 The place where the guns were stored was a big hit.
 Finished up with a look at the church and the place where George Washington like to sit.

Nice visit but we were happy to get out of the wind (Brayden called it a day early and was happy to get in the car).

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