Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carter's spectacles

Carter needed glasses.  We knew the time was coming.  A morning at the opthamologist then to pick out the glasses.

He decided on some simple frames for school (still Nike with the swoosh on the side made them cooler) and then some other glasses for sports.

We had to get some ice cream to celebrate the milestone.  And I reminded him of my not-so-cool first pair of glasses.  I believe they were a peach color with cherries in the corners, then my next pair was definitely a la Sally Jesse Raphael big red frames (I will have to find a picture, it was not cute)...they definitely make glasses much cooler now.

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Andrea said...

Cutie! Ellie started wearing glasses in the last couple months, too, although at the moment I can't get her to keep them on for more than 2 hours! She told me today that it's because she's never seen a princess wearing glasses (and she wears her dress up clothes Stupid Disney. ;)