Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waterford Poetry

Waterford Elementary is a big fan of public speaking.  Each year, starting in kindergarten, the children recite a poem for their class and parents (as well as many other things throughout the year).  As they get older the poems get longer and the audience can get bigger.  For 3rd-5th graders it is a competition.  Carter was a finalist last year and...he was a finalist again this year!  He did his poem for the entire school and parents.

Calm as could be, he did great.  The poem theme for 4th grade is science.
His poem:
Methodically Scientific by Mr. Lafazia
"Dr. Watson!" Sherlock Holmes cried out, perceiving some new clue.
"I spy a toad, upon this road, whose innards are now goo."
"I wonder how they got this way," Watson did reply.
"Certainly not willingly," the detective did descry.

An Observation of this sort is nothing to be left.
The Question formed was how the perpetrator perpetrated this grand theft.
That life was gone--no question there--was obvious to them,
But who had done this dirty deed and turned the toad to phlegm?

"I do Propose," said Sherlock now, "that tires did the deed,
"And furthermore, the Dunlop brand!" he brazenly decreed.
"Why Holmes, old boy," the Doctor spoke, "how make you such a claim?"
"My methods, Watson, you do know, and conviction is my aim."

The duo traveled far and wide along the London street--
Searching here and checking there for frog guts on car feet.
They checked Goodyear, Dunlop; Firestone too,
For thorough Testing is what an objective scientist must do!

"AHA!" blurted Sherlock, "See here, my good man!
"I have found the death of this poor frog (who is flatter than a pan).
"The deed was done, as I have said, with this rear Dunlop tire,
"But I see justice has been done as well, for vandals have set the car afire!"

"So it would seem," Watson proclaimed, as both men backed away.
"But Holmes, how did you track it down--you've really saved the day.
"I have to tell you, my dear friend, your Conclusions seem terrific!"
"Nonsense, dear boy," Holmes replied with a grin, "They're Methodically Scientific!"

Then time for Luke, in 2nd grade.  He loves (maybe too much) to be in front.  His poem was to be humorous, about a dentist that wants everyone to eat candy.  We did not have a dentist outfit so Luke selected his shirt and tie.
Luke's Poem:

The One Who Invented Trick or Treat by Shel Silverstein

Yes, I invented "Trick or treat"

So you could fill your mouth with sweets-
Candy bars and lemon drops,
Marshmallow and Tootsie Pops,
Butterscotch and bubble gum.
Hold out your hand - they'll give you some
Chocolate kisses, Jujubes,
Sourballs and jelly beans.
Have a cake - some cookies too.
Take a couple - grab a few
Peppermint Sticks and Mary Janes, 
Licorice whips, and candy canes,
Slurp some soda, munch a pie,
Don't let those M&M's go by,
Chew that toffee, munch those treats,
Get that caramel in you teeth.
Then come see me, I'll be here- 
I'm your friendly dentist, dear.

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