Monday, January 14, 2013

He calls it "The best weekend of my life!"

Luke had a big sports weekend.  He is a competitive child and takes his sports quite seriously.

Saturday, he started with his basketball game.  If anyone has experience with 2nd grade basketball then you  know that high scores are not likely (we have had games end with only a few baskets).  Luke made it his personal mission to get a lot of baskets (and ignoring his dad telling him to pass).  He had 14 points, out of the total 23.  He was feeling it.
Then Sunday was a wrestling met (oh those are an experience).  He was placed in the advanced grouping, it is only his 2nd year of wrestling.  First!  Second match...close but a loss.  Third!  His first ever pins in wrestling!  He really put together moves to get the pin and he had a great cheering section of friends.
Picture from a previous match since mommy, Carter and Brayden did not make it to the met (the place was not very accommodating for Brayden so we headed to church).

Luke declared his best weekend of his life.  He was more than thrilled.

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