Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shrek the Halls ICE

A little early Christmas fun, we headed to the National Harbor for ICE - Shrek the Halls.
The boys did not know what the plan was for the day but they got a clue.
ICE is a place where everything is ice.  All decorations and scenes are ice, in rooms that are about 10-12 degrees...cold. ICE supplies everyone with big blue jackets that you wear over top your jackets to keep warm.
Brayden was given some Shrek ears to get in the spirit...he was thrilled.
We wandered through the rooms, having fun.
Then we headed for the ice slides.
After the ICE, the kids had a little hot chocolate.  Then we headed to a Mexican restaurant right on the Potomac River.
A little shopping, the boys were thrilled with it.
Then to the Gaylord National Hotel to take in their Christmas village.
And a ride on the elevator.  Yes, we rode the elevator several times because you get a great view of the hotel and the Christmas decorations.  It is beautiful.
Yes, Shrek the Halls.

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Courtney said...

wow!! what a FUN day!