Saturday, November 3, 2012

Go Huskies!

It is the year of the Huskies (as a theme of a friend's 40th birthday party...don't ask, there were a lot of toasts to the Huskies from people who don't even know the Huskies).

The ULYFL Huskies finished their league season undefeated.  They won the league championship.
Not only did they win the championship, they are #1 in the state!  They have been invited to play in a state playoff!  We could be playing football all the way till Christmas.
It was a big day for the Huskies!  Jeremy is the defense coach and Carter is one of the quarterbacks.  He had an amazing run for a touchdown (his best run of the season) and ran for the extra point!  I did not get any pictures because I was too excited.  Did I mention Carter still has his left arm in a cast?!
But we did get it on film!
Good day for the Huskies!

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