Friday, October 5, 2012

Waterford Fair 2012

A highlight of living in Waterford is the Waterford Fair.  The kids spend a school day at the fair.

I was able to chaperone a group in Luke's class (such great boys).
The Waterford Fair is about the village's heritage so the are many crafts to do and watch demonstrations.

Everyone who has gone to Waterford Elementary knows how to make a broom from this station.
And of course the clowns.
Then there is the blacksmith, tin punch, wax seals, lots of pottery, art, etc.
Some how I convinced the boys to put their heads into the painting...
We got to see Carter at lunch.
Then headed over to see the antique tractors.
Finished it up with a little show and Luke got right in to help with the act.  He sang the dog noises.
Another great year at the fair.

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