Monday, October 15, 2012

Carter's hand

Carter has his first broken bone, his first cast.

He broke the middle bone of his hand (the 3rd metacarpal to be exact).

He broke it while wrestling.  Yes Carter was wrestling; real wrestling not just horsing around wrestling or faking some WWE wrestling.  A friend of ours is a wrestling coach.  He has two boys close to Carter and Luke's age.  They have a wrestling mat at their house.  They invited our boys over to practice.  Luke was all for it since he loves wrestling.  Carter was not too sure but happy to go to a friend's house.  After the first practice, Carter actually liked wrestling and our friend is a great coach so Carter liked getting his help.

This past Sunday, Carter was wrestling one of the boys and he landed on his hand.  It hurt but we thought it was no big deal.  Carter still went to AWANA at church that night, came home and went to bed.  In the morning, he was still complaining and his hand was a bit swollen.  We went to a doctor for an x-ray.  There was a small break in his hand.  We then headed to the orthopedic doctor.

The doctor said the break was not bad.  He would only be a cast for a couple of weeks and maybe a brace after that.  He selected a purple cast for his football team, the Huskies.

Carter was stressed about it; his team was heading to the football playoffs, basketball try-outs were that night...did I mention Carter is left handed and of course the hand hurt is his left hand.  Carter was worried about writing with his right hand (his right-handed writing is pretty dreadful) and what he would do at recess.

Having his friends sign his cast certainly cheered him up.
As for football playoffs, his team does not play for a couple of weeks so that gives him time to heal.  He did go to basketball and did the best he could with one hand.  He is trying to be patient writing with his right hand and some friends are helping him out.  As for recess...I told him it is only for a couple of weeks.

Not too bad for his first break.  A cast for only a couple of weeks.

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